If you were driving down the highway and your check engine light came on, what would you do?

Would you ignore it?

Wait a while to see if it persists, to gauge how significant the issue is?

Tell someone that your check engine light is on, asking their advice as to what to do?

Perhaps you’d be inclined to put duct tape over the light, ignoring that it’s warning you that something is amiss.

But after a while, that subtle warning turns into a severe problem, resulting in the car being unable to start. You’re no longer able to get where you want to go; where you need to go. You’re stuck. And all because you failed to address the root cause of that check engine light.

For many people who struggle with anxiety, this “check engine” scenario is all too familiar. Something triggers the anxiety – the pounding heart, the shortness of breath, the pit in the stomach, the tightest in the chest – and instead of addressing the root cause of the issue, we find ways to numb, ignore, or suppress the feeling.

One of the ways we do this is by taking prescription medication. And while there’s no denying that modern day medicine is extremely beneficial and, for some, a coping mechanism for dealing with ongoing anxiety, it does not address the root of anxiety. It does not seek to understand when, why, or how the long-term anxiety came to be. Medication does not connect to the past – to those events, both in the forefront of our minds and those stored in our subconscious – to truly understand and release the anxiety.

And much like an ignored check engine light resulting in a halted car, unreleased anxiety will continue to stop us from living the lives we were meant to. It can prevent us from attending social engagements; applying for jobs we want; being the spouse/parent we want to be; traveling to places we’d like to explore.

Don’t ignore your check engine light. Contact Overcome Anxiety today for a complimentary consultation to explore how you can start releasing those stored emotions that are causing your long-term anxiety.