Meet Jodie

Helping you find your way.

I’ve always been passionate about the human psyche, about understanding how the mind works and finding a way to help people heal and reclaim their lives. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people heal because I’ve seen firsthand how debilitating anxiety is—the panic attacks, the social phobia, and the inability to live life—and I want to help people be free to live their lives without fear and suffering, to be without inhibition because that’s how we’re meant to be.

Watch Jodie’s story unfold

Watching my sister struggle with generalized anxiety for more than twenty years—seeing doctor after doctor with no relief and another prescription to fill—made me feel helpless. Anxiety robbed her of her life, and after I found the Body Code, I was able to find a way to help her truly heal and live without anxiety.

Heal the hidden.

Everyone’s anxiety is different, rooted in emotions and memories that have power over us even when we don’t realize it. What’s causing your anxiety is unique to you, but by accessing the subconscious and going straight to the cause of your anxiety, we can find a way through your suffering, let go of all the stored trauma, and heal the hidden together.

The Body Code.

I love being a Body Code practitioner because it works. After spending years trying different techniques, strategies, and psychological ideologies that didn’t produce change, I found the Body Code, and I fell in love with it because it’s not a band-aid solution. Using the Body Code, I’m able to address your trauma at the root and help you reclaim your life. For good.