Oct 23, 2019. Here I am, on a plane, preparing for take off.  I am on my way to Lake Las Vegas for a conference. My stomach feels nervous. Fear and dread are ringing throughout my body, and all the while hoping and praying there will be minimal turbulence.


Every time I fly, I feel this way.  Intellectually,  I tell myself, there is nothing to fear. Turbulence is normal. Flying is relatively safe.  Planes rarely crash. Everything is going to be fine.  Yet, I also understand that the rational part of the brain has no influence on the emotional brain, where the amygdala is in charge of detecting danger.  While sitting there in my seat, my amygdala has been stimulated and the fight or flight response has been initiated- preparing myself for danger. Trying to talk myself out of the fear will simply have no effect.     Being a Body Code practitioner who specializes in helping people resolve ongoing anxiety, this simply will not due. In the work that I do, I understand that experiences from the past affect us and emotions can become stored in the body, affecting how we think, feel and act.  I also understand that flying has risks, there is a legitimate threat, but so does driving a car. Statistically, flying is tremendously more safe than driving. In fact, injury by aircraft is next to being hit by lightning. 

In other words, highly unlikely. 

Pilots and air personnel fly every day as part of their job. Surely they would not risk their lives every day if it was dangerous, so why am I having such an elevated stress response to it? There is something from my past that is triggering this fear.  So as I sat there, waiting for takeoff I decided to investigate what is behind this fearful response I was experiencing, using the Body Code technique. The first thing that came up was the belief “I’m afraid of dying” followed by trapped emotions of worry, terror, and dread. After I released these emotions and the connected belief, I thought about where this may have stemmed from. What instantly came to mind was my fear of dying while my kids are young. They are now teenagers, ages 13 and 15, but I dread the thought of them losing me as I know the tremendous trauma that would create.  As I thought more about this, I realized it stemmed from an event back in 2002. A couple I knew went on a vacation to Mexico leaving their two young children at home with Grandma.  A horrible event occurred and the kids lost both parents in a moment of time. When I heard the news I was absolutely horrified, filled with so much sadness and grief for the children. I believe this was the stimulus for my fear of flying as I was travelling to a location far from home without my kids. I am not afraid to die per se, I am afraid of my kids being without their mom. So as I sat on the plane, waiting to take off, I realized I did not need to feel this way one minute longer. I could release those stored memories and emotions that were fuelling this fear of flying. After I released those emotions and a few more related, I felt peace come over me. A peace I have never felt before take off. Completely relaxed.  I write this as I am flying through the air. We have hit turbulence a few times which typically sends terror throughout my body, but this time there was only a bit of uneasiness as I reminded myself that turbulence is normal. I may have a bit more work to do surrounding turbulence, but this has been the most peaceful flight I can ever remember. I can honestly say, I no longer have a fear of flying.  It’s not my favourite thing in the world, but I no longer hate it. 

Do you have a fear of flying?

Let’s work together and resolve those stored imbalances that are triggering the fear, so you too can fly in peace.

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